New Scheduling Software

The founder of Nachi (Nick Gromicko) posted the newest software we developed called Scheduling Pro. The link to the forum is

You may want to check this software out. It is really neat,
This software is all web based so you can do all your scheduling
right from home or any computer connected to the internet. You can even send Job information via text message or pagers with a click of a link.

We also specialize with advertising on Craigslist and Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the future of online marketing. We have many leads lists to choose from. Why spend thousands in marketing when you can do an e-mail campaign for just about nothing!

We can design a very attractive HTML Email and send it out to millions of people.

13 Million Opt-In Leads with full contact info.

One of our most popular lists is the 1.3 Million Realtors.
This list comes with First Name, Last Name, City, State, County and Email address.

We offer many services that can save your company time and money. From Quick book integration from your current database, Web Design, Custom Database software and much more.

You can contact me at for
more information.

Thanks and happy voting !!
Ed Maxwell

It looks like the schedular is not for your clients or agents to use, is that correct?

I am looking for an online scheduler that allows clients/agents to go to my website and enter all the needed info and select a date that is open.

HI Mike

Homegauge has the best one that I have seen so far. It does exactly what you are asking for.

Check out the Inspection Support Network.

It is the best online scheduling software out there!


I have checked that one out but it leaves out info for the listing agent. I am on the verge of signing with Inspection Management Systems. The owner demoed it for me. Very detailed system with confirmation customized emails to all parties involved including the listing agent (that is what I am really looking for)

I just want to check out all my options before I make a final decision.

Thanks Kevin,

Do not have time to go throught the website right now, but this looks like what I want. Full marketing, scheduling and I can use my iPhone with it.

I will check this out fully tonight.

ED Maxwell please stop spamming The Msg boards