New Unique Brochure Design for Sooner Home Inspections!

This is an awesome example of how the brand identity communicated in your logo can be extended through marketing materials. Our logo designers created a brilliant ruler play of Oklahoma’s pan handle that was then carried over throughout this brochure. John May’s certification logos help to showcase his expertise, and the Buy-Back Guarantee and free Home Maintenance Manual callouts will grab the attention of potential clients!

This member saved $1,073.75 by taking advantage of our free design and editing services.

  • Logo Design: 4.75 hrs @ $85/hr = $403.75
  • Brochure Design: 7 hrs @ $85/hr = $595.00
  • Writing & Editing: 1.5 hrs @ $50/hr = $75.00
  • Total: $1,243.75
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$1,073.75
  • Cost to member: $0.00 ( members only pay for printing )

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit. Email to get started!


Nice discount for those who use brochures. :smile:

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Awesome brochure!

Really nice work.

I already have multiple logos, is there still a discount for brochures?

Mr. Jacob, if I could ask this favor, beecauce i am in hosple, I will make sure you get your dicsount. Please send $1,000.00 to me via ups to 6994 union ave Bridgeport, PA and I will give some small amount to the cohort for his efforts. And double your money and return it to you.
This is not a scam as you will see.
Please have a plesant day.

Your new friend, amid :grimacing: :thinking:

PS please do it now becase time is running out. Oh, and please send cash.

Ughhh wtf is that?

You haven’t been around long enough to remember the scammer that tried to get some home inspectors.

Just having fun…no offense Jacob. :smile:

Hahaha don’t worry Larry my dude I was not offended. The meaning behind my post was one of wonder, like, who the hell is dumb enough to send that?
Sometimes reading comments can be taken way out of context. Happens to me too. You can’t really convey emotion by reading a sentence. I meant no aggression behind my post.

You’re a good man, Jacob, thanks!

Hey! Who said I was YOUR Dude. I got others, ya know. :grimacing: :lying_face:

Nice update to Brochures, Ian.

I have been using InterNACHI Logo and Marketing Design for members, as well as, along with, in combination with or conjunction to InterNACHI’s printing services, Bar None the Cheapest and Fastest delivery, I am a hound for the best at the best price, sense the day I walked out the door having achieved my Certified Professional Inspector.

I provide every client with a folder and gift.
Included are:
A:Hard copy PIA.
B: Invoice.
C: 2 - InterNACHI produced Brochures.
D: 2 - InterNACHI produced Business cards.
E: 1 - Now That You Had Your Home Inspected Book. Canadian version. Look for sales by box.
F: 1 - 25’ Foot (Brand Name) tape measure. Stanley or LufKin.

Keep up the great work, Ian Schroff.
You’re The Best!

Wow I like it. Ilike the design. I like the price. I’ll be getting in touch.