New upcoming Inspector looking for mentor - Miami, FL

Hello All,

I recently enrolled myself to obtain my inspector licenses online. I am looking to see if any of you guys can recommend someone in the Miami area that would possibly be interested in bringing me under their wing and also to guide me with some questions I may have. I would greatly appreciate it thanks !

Jorge, many inspectors don’t want to mentor new inspectors, in their area, for fear that the would be training their competition.

You may have to travel 50, or so, miles away to find a CMI (Certified Master Inspector) that you can contact to see if they may want to help you.

Here is a link to find CMIs in various zip codes and areas:

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bummer ! Thanks for the help. I will use this list to see if I can find someone willing to help me.

Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Attached please find some practical information to help you with your new career. Good luck!
Ted Emmes
M’s Home Inspections