New York Trench Death Draws Manslaughter Charge

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #1

A pair of construction managers and their companies face criminal charges in New York City in the case of a fatal trench collapse, newspapers reported this week. “Wilmer Cueva, Alfonso Prestia and their companies Sky Materials and Harco Construction were charged with recklessly causing the death of Carlos Moncayo, a Sky employee,” reports the Corporate Crime Reporter (see: “Manslaughter Charges in New York Trench Collapse Death of 22-Year Old Worker”).

(Michael Larson, WI Lic. # 1672-106) #2


I just heard my nephew quit a job recently because they wanted the crew to set steel beams and structure during a thunder and lightning storm.

What idiots. If you don’t care for your workers lives ,soon no one will work for you.

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #3

The dude had to pay$500 for his own safety instruction.