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I am new to the world of Home Inpsectors (HI) and am tossing the idea of being a HI for my area. For those of you who have been in the business a while, what are some of the pros and cons of this business, is it better to be small business owner or work for a company, where can one go for good training programs that won’t take your money. For those of you who are new to the business, what are some struggles that you encountered during certification process and what agency did you go through to receive your certification.

If you wish not to answer that is ok, I just thought being this was an open discussion group that maybe some of you would be open to helping some of newbies out.

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Answers can be better provided to you if we knew where you were located at or where you wish to become a Home Inspector at.
I took my past knowlege of the industry and have been actively learning everything that this organization has been able to offer.

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Perhaps you should also be asking other questions…

can you afford to become a home inspector? training, certifications, licensing, testing, marketing, tools, a truck, ladders… all to get started with zero income rolling in.

So, apparently I did not ask the right questions, so with that being said, what are some out of pocket expenses one may encounter during the learning process (training, certs, tools, etc.), what other questions might a newbie ask to get information from veteran HI’s. As for my location, I am currently in Missouri with a planed move to Colorado in the next few years. But I would like to some insight before jumping into something that has a unknown future. Has anyone offered their experience to an apprentice follow-along with no salary to the trainee unless they feel obligated too? Is it more difficult for a person to learn HI who does not have abackground in construction, hvac, etc versas someone who does? If you think I am asking the wrong questions (there are no wrong questions with new employment opportunities, only the ones you don’t ask)then let me know and I will look elsewhere for my answers.

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Research (Google) your states requirements to obtain a license. They are state regulated. Then go from there. Research state approved training classes, motels for out of town classes, State testing, insurance, tools, inspection software, the cost of incorporating or LLC, county tax, city tax, marketing(logo art work,business cards, fliers) Start adding it all up. It adds up quick.

If what you state is factual about relocating to CO. in a few years, do not attempt to start a business in MO. Use your time before CO. to learn and do ride alongs with as many inspectors as you can find, informing them of your move to CO. If you don’t have any, you need hands on experience. Get involved somehow in the construction industry to learn all you can about homes/buildings/structures in general. Spend your weekends in every hardware store roaming the aisles getting to know about what components make up a home. Starting a business and then leaving an area is plain stoopid! You will be wasting a ton of money on advertising and building a clientele only to leave it all behind. You can’t take it with you!

If you are in MO now I guess you are already a home inspector. Real Estate agents there don’t want you to be trained or good at what you do, just cheap and say what they tell you to say so they can close the sale. If you talk to some other MO Veteran Inspectors they will tell you the better you are the less biz you will get. MO is like a world of its own. Now this is only my opinion and based on what i hear from Inspectors there like Gary…:wink:

On a serious note, the expenses are endless between training, continuing education, tools, Insurance, gas, truck, marketting etc…


Ok, everyone that has replied has said it cost money to get trained, software, exams, certs, etc., what about the sites ASHI and InterNACHI, dont they offer these under one roof; pay a flat fee and all this is yours as long as you pass the exams. As for tools, you can get those along the way, cause a newbie ain’t gonna know what to get until he see;s what is needed. I have a few under my belt. As for the move, I agree about not starting the business until in Colorado; I was thinking about what Jeff was talking about, riding with exp HI’s and learning from them while completeing the basic’s online through one of the HI schools, that way, when I get to Col, I will have some exp and training under my belt and not be a total newbie. As for the realtors wanting the bare minimum, to bad, I would give the customer what they expect a good inspection, cause thats what your suppose to do, right?

I do appreciate the feedback, you have provided some good insight. I do wonder what another gentleman post had discovered that scared him away, that would be interesting.

How is the inspection call for the housing market, busy or slow?

Are there any HI’s that are in the Warrensburg/Sedalia/ Lee’s Summit area that would allow ride alongs (apprentice so to say) that would be willing to teach/train a newbie with no financial obligation? I am willing to travel some distance, I do have a PT job until 2-3 pm M-F. I would be willing to discuss options if they are willing.

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I do inspections out your way often. Warning: all of the inspectors that I have tried to train decide not to become a home inspector after about the 10th ride-a-long. One only lasted two inspections. First, take all of the online educational classes that you can. Watch all of the videos. Take notes. Take all of the tests. Do 50 ride-a-longs with me. Then, you might make it.

If you have a few pages of blank paper and no experience, and charge $149 per inspection, you will get all of the business you can handle; and the litigation that comes with it.

Thanks Gary for your insight, I may consider your offer if your serious about the ride alongs unless of course you are frustrated with training folks because of the short time they are with you. I would not want to be just another trainee who you think maybe a waste of your time. My only delimma would be getting away from work early enough to meet you and coming from the Warrensburg area would take alittle time as well as cut away on the training time. I have reveiwed your website (nice site BTW) and it appears you are very tight with your inspections. Then again you have been doing this for over 25 years, and sounds like you have all your dominoes in order. If this opportunity is something I seriouly want, may I call upon you to discuss training options/get togethers to begin my training?

If you would like to discuss further into detail, I can provide you with my home email.

Thanks again for your advice, I look forward to hearing from you.