Next Free CMI Educational Meeting

The next free CMI educational chat meeting will be on Wednesday, March 5th.
Starting at 8 pm CST. Come early.

Make sure you are registered on the forum at
Then go to the LIVE CHAT button at the top of the page.

The class topic will be an introduction to doing commercial inspections and a discussion
of the technical and the business aspects of commercial inspections.

Instructor: George Wells

Good for one hour InterNACHI CE credit.

Please register early and test out the live chat area. If you have problems let me know early. Due to recent medical problems i dont normally monitor the board in the evening but i do check my email.

Hope you feel better soon.

With the good drugs its great. This morning i started an inspection early. The realtor showed up a 1/2 hr later and told me i was at the wrong house it was the one across the street. Glad they were both vacant.

George has performed great online classes and does a great job in person as well- A must for those who want to learn!