Next IR Class Jan 9-10

Next IR Webinar Class Jan 9-10

I will have to check it out. This is something I had planned to do eventually.

what is the cost?

I saw a free one advertised on another thread. Shop around.

Infrared Training - $500

The cost is $500. This infrared class is the official InterNACHI INFRARED CERTIFIED class
that includes access to the lowest price IR cameras in the USA, plus financing if needed
for the entire package. We have hundreds of inspectors out in the field who are running
their IR business from taking our class alone. The proof is in the pudding. We have never
canceled a webinar class in two years. Every class is LIVE and never recorded.


Sounds like quite a bargin for only 500.00.

The savings our students experience on cameras is enough to MORE than pay for
for the cost of our class. Many people take our class, just to gain access to the low
price IR cameras we have access to. I do not sell cameras, but pass on the discounts
that are made available to our students.

Here is another free one.

Apples and oranges Jim.

Shame on you .

Why don’t you fly out to Florida and take this 1.5 hour free presentation and
tell us how that goes for ya…:mrgreen: