Next IR Webinar - Jan 25-26

Next Infrared-Certified IR webinar - Jan 25-26

John Mckenna’s IR webinars are a great tool for homies.
Lots to learn and plenty of information.

Best of luck John.
Happy New Year.

Thanks Robert.

So is this the IR certified course that is free for current InterNACHI members?

I really can not tell you.

I think its the pay for course.

Several IR online courses are free.

Ours cost $400 and is a LIVE teaching webinar.

With interest in thermography at an all-time high, more people are seeking training and certification. When comparing infrared course offerings, many mistakenly assume that all training and certification courses are the same.

The greatest limitation in an infrared inspection is the thermographer. Because of this, thermographer training and certification have long been recognized as requirements to help ensure accurate inspections. To this end, several firms offer Level I, II, and III training courses; however, these courses are not equal.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing document, SNT-TC-1A outlines suggested topics for training and certifying NDT personnel in the Thermal/Infrared Testing Method. Suggested topics range from basic theory and camera operation to advanced thermographic applications. Since these topics are suggestions, companies have wide latitude in compiling course content. Because of this, one should never assume that courses bearing the same name will contain similar content.

When considering any infrared training course, be certain to:

  • Review course curriculum carefully to ensure it meets your needs
  • Ascertain type of certification provided and its expiration date
  • Consider the history of the training firm and its credentials

Lastly, beware of training courses offered by equipment manufacturers or “vendor neutral” instructors. Only an independent training firm can offer unbiased opinions with respect to equipment choices.

For over 30 years, Infraspection Institute’s Certified Infrared Thermographer® training courses have set the industry standard for excellence. In addition to our Level I, II, and III Certified Infrared Thermographer® courses, we offer several industry-specific application and operator training courses. All courses are taught by highly experienced Level III practicing thermographers.

I applaud your directive and approach.
Most if not all thermographers know Infraspections now Mr. Anderson.
Both are highly recognize homies at NACHI carrying credibility.

Now education and cameras are an expensive proposition.
We forget one failing and I am speaking about cost to the individual in hopes they can recoup the initial output over time.
“several firms offer Level I, II, and III training courses; however, these courses are not equal.” That goes without saying and buyers should always beware and choose the product right for them.
Its $5000 to reach level 3.

I personally can not wait for Infraspection and InterNACHI will find a platform that will work.

That being said.
John’s course is geared at association, and yes non association members, covering criteria aimed at the realities of thermograpphy.
“It is an expensive auxiliary to ones business.”
It is not known the number of start ups that have failed or not recouped their investment. I will end with that.

John’s course fits the needs of the astute homies. You recoup your education though dues and John can provide, myself as well in Quebec, with some good camera deals.

What I have heard for years now is, “With interest in thermography at an all-time high.” I still yet to see that materialize where I am.
Its a slow moving industry and lets see what happens in the next 2 years.
Flir and Fluke just upgraded their models. Software will be the addon if you ask me.
most camera’s slow are entry level and I would love to see a fit for those homies.
an entry level camera and Level one course is about the same cost.
When the education falls the better the student can see what lay ahead.

I await any educator WILLING TO COLLABORATE at InterNACHI and will mention this, every educator has a place here I believe. john’s course has satisfied many inspectors including myself.
Mr. Gramicko will insure that everyone has a place and students to market to.
Best regards Mr. Anderson.
Robert Young

A car, truck or boat all needs an engine to get from point A to point B a engine needs someone to steer it in the right direction. What have you done in your area to promote IR are you sitting on your rear waiting for someone else to take the lead you sound like the guys in KC that say IR does not work here. I say rubbish it works every where, it needs a engine and someone to steer it.

Ya can solve the IR problem in your area or ya can be the problem:shock:

To start; I simply posted this information I received by email as an alternative of choice for all home inspectors reading this message board.

Also one point you should consider; I have nothing to do with “Infraspection”. I am ITC trained.

By this, I can only interpret that it is expected for thermography trainers, that have been in business for many years (many who began these programs are long retired Dr. Madden, John Snell]) to “lower the bar” to beat the “unacceptable standards” by a home inspection industry who is only interested in things that are free or nearly free and as a result offer their services for free and nearly free (come April 15).

For example; look at the threads of the iPhone thermal imaging camera by Flir. If you look at the examples on the Internet of that camera if it wasn’t for MSX it would be one big blob of mottled colors! Anyone considering using this for building inspection analysis obviously has absolutely no clue about the technology or the program. That thing is one step above an infrared thermometer!

If I had an iPhone, I would probably buy one of these things (to find my hound dogs when I let them out at night to go P)! It might also be used for marketing to raise awareness of the thermal imaging process.

That’s about it…

I agree with Charlie’s reply and your observation that this business is very slow to progress. As I have said for many years, you can’t sell something to someone who doesn’t know they need it or is unaware that a solution is even available. To say that things are not progressing, that is total hogwash.

Yes, when I started in thermography the majority of calls I got started out with “I don’t know what you do but I have a problem and I hope maybe you can help me”.

Today, those calls ask specifically what they want and who they want to do it. If you were out there doing your due diligence in evaluating the thermal marketplace you would not only be teaching people that don’t know about it, you would actually realize how many actually know about it but find it unachievable due to the lack of availability of properly trained thermographers.

I was invited to speak at a middle school in Nashville to address several schools science project clubs who came up with their own scenarios to improve “life and safety” of inhabitants throughout our world. These included disasters such as volcano eruptions and tsunami flooding. On their own, they came up with thermal imaging is a tool for their projects! But these 10-year-old kids were quick to realize that there is inaccurate and bogus information on the Internet and invited me to speak and answer their questions pertaining to the development of their applications.

10-year-old kids get it!
They also won the state championship and are placed in the top contenders across the country!

We harp on it again and again, and nobody listens. When you’re not properly prepared to perform the job you bring discredit to everyone. There’s a thread going on right now with someone is asking how to identify leaking hydronic radiant heat and they are advertising on their website that they offer and perform this service but don’t have a clue what they’re looking at!
I’m not picking on anybody, but I’m tired of people thinking that we make this stuff up. So without examples (which have been presented graphically time and time again as examples) we are just opinionated.

I have been a dominant promoter of IR and InterNACHI in Quebec or have you been*** Napping Again.***?

Ya can solve the IR problem in your area or ya can be the problem” What the hell are you babbling about. Get a grip man!

I am stating FACT from “vendors wishes” :slight_smile: Fact sir.
I hope all new homies read this post!!!

So you dropped your $20,000.oo thousand and had capital to back it up. Most get in with entry everything including Johns course.
If that helps them great.
If that ignites a passion then it’s great.

So please enlighten us statistics. How many homies start or fail and how many move on and to become astute IR thermographers like yourself?
Number please…

Let see how many of John’s students went on to have a promising carrier and placed more money in their bussiness, OK.

I personally never enjoyed one marketer talking over another one myself. Makes the whole thing look less professional I think.
Both have solid products for the intended target but do it on your own thread.

You do Carson and Dunlop training Charley? The best you know.
Hmmm, why not?
You promoting home inspection where you live?
Why not, are you part of the problem or solution.

This post is a reality check sir.

Guess that went over your head I’m outa here:shock:

It did not go over my head and I was going to remove the tasteless post.
I see little advantage using negative condensation with any aspect of the MB.
Best to you and yours Charley.