Next Split faced block problem

*** some of you know, I have been doing some special work with regards to split faced block buildings (condos, mostly) in the Chicago area. Water intrusion with damage and mold and in extreme cases rotting of the truss ends with floor collapse.

The other day I saw this. It was the end of a side half wall (tront 4 stories, rear three stories with a rear deck balcony.

The parapet was coped with tiles, but there was the usual openings in the tile joints, allowing water to enter the wall. The client complained of water dripping down from the window tops (no flashing, typical).

The crack on the end of the block extended all the way from top to bottom with efflorescence seepage from a particularly large crack.

I theorize that water is ientering the top of the wall, due to the lack of flashing, and filling the block cells. These freeze and split the block. I see this as being a serious potential problem, with the possibility of structural failure of the single wythe wall (the common construction detail with these buildings).

What say you?

Hard to say much without step back shot but do the end blocks support anything besides themselves ?

What type of paint is that decorative or sealant type.?

Your theory sounds quite plausible.

Do you have pics of the top of the parapet at the tile openings?

Just wrote this.

Please comment if you have any ideas.