Nice CMI® website

He might want to fix this, though:


Wow!..still not corrected. :flushed:

I don’t really think so but…maybe it is my 13" monitor. :man_shrugging:


Same on my 32" Larry.

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Looks fine on a 23" monitor.

This is on my 22 inch monitor…

Very nice report. Around here I have never seen a report with a list of recommended contractors.

Here in New Jersey, a home inspector must list the license number on the website.
I’ve noticed that this is not the same in other regulated states.

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Looks fine when using 55% or more of my 43”
But when shrunk down to less than 55% it starts to wrap the text to the next line.

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Looks like Larry got ‘DOC Blocked’!! :laughing:


Gee, I wonder what size monitor most potential clients use? :face_with_spiral_eyes: LOL!

It actually depends on what you have the resolution set at Larry. It looked as it should when I set my resolution up to 3840 x 2160.

But us older guys like to keep the resolution set back to help on the eyes. :wink:


It’s a responsive website but the PROPERTYDOC text is coded wrong.