Nice tpr drain line

This is a nice TPR drain line.

Happy 4th

Interesting “homeowner” job. What it join into?

It drains into the main waste.

PERFECT. It’s been leaking for three years now and they don’t even know it.

Na… If it had been draining for 3 years the pvc would have melted long ago…

Seeping hot water will not melt PVC.

The PVC is only rated for 150 degrees. How hot do you think that water is? And why do you think PVC is not an approved material for a TPR?

Article from the ASHI reporter;

**Approved piping materials

**Another common mistake made by the weekend warrior is to use PVC pipe to handle the discharge from TPR valves. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is not a water distribution pipe. In plumbing, PVC is primarily used for water service and DWV applications. CPVC is a water distribution pipe and both the 2006 IPC and the Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association state that TPR discharge piping is an acceptable application for the pipe. The PPFA states that a metal-to-CPVC transition fitting should be used at the TPR valve connection.

Though polybutylene, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and some derivatives of these very flexible piping materials are listed under table 605.4 in the IPC, the table that defines acceptable pipe for TPR discharge, you should check with your local authority for a list of approved materials. Because of the difficulty in securing and maintaining proper slope without some trapping and because these pipes sometimes use insert fittings, they can restrict and reduce the flow. They may not be approved in your area or have some restrictions if used.

I have a question , Is Pex approved to use as supply and discharge ( The 18 Inch rule) top of the tank?

I’m not sure… I know its ok for the TPR discharge (100%). Of the installs I’ve seen they have all had copper for about 18 inches at the top, and then connect to the PEX. So based on the installs I’ve seen, I think copper is required for a certain distance first. (not sure why)

“Because of the difficulty in securing and maintaining proper slope”

I don’t care what they say. I still want proof that a PVC pipe has actually melted from discharged water. I don’t like to see PVC piping installed at the PTR valve either, but I’ve never seen the actual melting of the pipe.

I know PVC is not on the IRC list of acceptable materials for a TPR discharge but like David I think there is a low possibility of any problem using it.

Should it be called out. Probably.

Is it a significant defect/problem/issue? Not in my opinion.

I think it may have to due with the fact it does gets brittle and bursting effect , as far as Pex being use i ask for a strap . It would act like a whip