TPRV drain pipe Question

I know this has been discussed before, however, I’m being challenged by the plumber (via the seller). The question: Is there pvc rated for tpr drain lines? The plumber says its fine. It was my contention that it was not, and had to be hard pipe. I told the seller that if the plumber says otherwise to please provide me with some documentation to update my records…Thanks for your help!

CPVC is approved but not regular pvc.

The tprv drain pipe can be made of plastic but it must be rated for the water pressure and temperature.This is stamped along the length of the pipe.

Make sure the 90’s are also CPVC


CPVC is all good here in Quebec-Canada

While I don’t like to see it… it is approved in many jurisdictions. Know your area…

That being said, there is a CPVC line specifically designed for TPR drains which is blue-green in color; however, standard CPVC is typically allowed again depending on the codes in your area(s)