Nick are you still buying...

Domain names? If yes, how much? Would and, beone name or two?


Not sure what we’d do with those.

That was just an example, not the real names.


I’m not sure if Nick understands what you are asking.

I don’t.

I’m asking him if he still buys Domain names like


Email him and ask him.


Can you please buy its for sale!! Going cheap, only $250K this will allow me to retire a couple of years earlier than planned!:shock:

Mario, Nick posted not long ago, that he was interested in buying domain names.

Michael, Nick told me once when I emailed him, he hates emails.

He usually answers them anyway.

Just keep them very very short and to the point.

I own a couple different domain names. If the price is right almost anything is for sale. That is why I am in business.

I thought it was Nick who posted that he was buying Domain names, I guess I was wrong since he will not answer.

Having a fire sale Ken? Why are you selling your domain name?

I’m thinking about giving up.

But last week you did 7 inspections? What gives. I hate to see anyone give up.

They were Draw and Status inspections, but considering that I have no tools and my heart is shot, I thought it was pretty productive, I’m tired Brian, I’m just tired.


Is that the best you can do Mike? I ask a serious question and you call me a putz! :roll: WTF? Please tell me someone forged your name!?

Answered via your PM