Nick, Certified Master Inspectors Need Your Help

Do you guys have no ability to take screen shots?

Boom-evidence of infringement and improper/illegal use of trademark.

Good grief. Sell your baloney to someone else.

How many bogus CMIs do you track to gather “evidence”?

It is obvious to most of us that Nicks way is the best way
He goes slow gives the person the Chance to Become a NACHI/Member and , also become a CMI .
Many do follow his simple methods .
More profit and no expenses .
It is easy to see why Nick is usually the winner and why many people love him .

Yes, dated screen shots are generally how we compile evidence over time to demonstrate damages.

Correct. But not evidence of damages. If someone infringes on our mark for one day, what are the damages? As you explained, one screen shot is only evidence of infringement and improper/illegal use of a trademark.

It’s not “baloney” and I’m not “selling” it. In any civil case, there is a damages phase. Proving guilt alone doesn’t get us a judgement or settlement in our favor.

Just a bunch of inspectors just wish Nick would go after all know infringers instead of just some.

I hope all keep telling NICK about those who ignore The CMI requirements .


I wish we could give every member a $1,000 check each year, but we wouldn’t last long if we did that. We have to do the same thing the police do to those who infringe on the speed limit and go after some of them.

Just plain BS. You have an attorney on staff and Joe Ferry is also coming on board. There should be a stock letter sent to each person that infringes.

If you aren’t going to protect the supplemental register trademark, what makes you think the USPTO will issue a Principal Register?

Time for everybody to just use the title Master Inspector. Nothing illegal and nothing you can do about it.

What a shame for those that paid hard earned money for an unprotected marketing scam. :roll:

I agree. All it would take, 95% of the time, is a simple demanding email from John McKenna, or one of the other “board members”, to have logos removed from their websites.

Notice the impostor in the present suit Nick filed is an ASHI member.

How much the CMI program have in the bank right now?

Pretty simple solution is to get rid of the CMI logo and use a seal that includes the date and click to verify like a seal or like many others. Here are a few example:


Our suit against the state of Kentucky is still ongoing. Our suit against the IR patent troll is still ongoing. We sued another inspector infringing on CMI on Friday. We have another suit against an inspector who is infringing on CMI, but he is ducking service. Our lawyers are working on new deals all the time. We have dozens of legal matters we’re helping members with. We just can’t sue everyone we’d like to as fast as we’d like to. Furthermore, some infringement issues were only recently discovered and we have to establish damages over time.

There are 1,000 CMIs and tens of thousands of home inspectors, but only a small handful of infringement cases. That shows that our system of picking our battles and then levying financial Armageddon on an inspector to set an example every now and then, works best.

So You don’t think that defaming the CMI name or stealing intellectual property is not a pressing matter?

I guess the CMI brand will just diminish to nothing but a useless joke eventually with that kind of thinking.


He’s not even a state Certified Inspector in a state that does offer State Certification.


I think the way we deal with it is best. As proof, there are 1,000 CMIs and tens of thousands of home inspectors, but only a small handful of infringement cases.

Had we created a reputation of first warning everyone with a cease and desist letter that resulted in no financial consequences for stealing from us, we’d have a whole lot more thieves out there stealing from us.

Great example of how any state licensing is worthless, due to lack, or no, enforcement. Many HI’s out there advertise falsely about many things, all to get REA’s to suggest them. And sadly, they suggest them to their clients, because they are cheap and non-alarmest, all to sell homes and make commissions.

Soon, REA office insurance companies will require higher requirements of any person, HI, or tradesperson they deal with, all to inhibit lawsuits. It is the REA and their assocations that need to step up, and require high paramiters to anyone they deal with.

It all should be up to the REA to promote the best services and tradespeople to their clients. They simply, do not. The reputation and life of the average REA is very limited, due to the internet, and poor repuations of suggesting sub-par people for the RE transaction. Lenders are starting to by-pass paperwork and documentaion of the REA, and are looking at apparaisers and inspectors to see if the home is in good condition. Honesty must rule. REA’s must step up and provide the best, police who they do business with, or they will no longer be in business.

Nick, that is a quite flawed way of thinking and in fact make no sense at all. If the majority of the cmi thieves were in fact of a strong warning of an Intent to file suit and at the same time some were actually sued then those that were served would most likely stop in fear of being sued like those that were being or had been sued.

The results would be much more beneficial for the cmi designation this way then suing only a few. That has very little wide scale effectiveness. In another business of mine I had great experience with the DMCA and thieves of other peoples content. We had great success in having hundreds of thousands of stolen content removed s well as thousands of successful suits along the way.

The future credibility and successful existence greatly relies on this.


Sounds like your system didn’t work very well.

If our system was any more successful, even just 4 cases of infringement less, it would be perfect… zero cases of infringement. That’s how successful our system of dealing with infringement is.

It wasn’t “MY” system, I just helped with it, and it was extremely successful much more than you can imagine.

Your system is nearly useless for the cmi future if you even have a system. At best it removes only a very few infringers which does little more than nothing for the big picture.

Why are you so adverse to do something for the good of all CMI’s and help to preserve the cmi integrity? You need to get over yourself and accept ideas and help form others that know far more than you do about this. I came to you with a serious issue that all cmi’s would agree with and that needs some attention. Rather than add anything useful you just spin and divert like usual and Nothing gets accomplished to help minimize this issue. Geez…


Yep. And there is a reason we only have “a very few infringers” to deal with. If we had only a few infringers less, we wouldn’t have any infringers at all. That’s how well our system works.