Nick how long has CMI been around?

Guys what do you do about obvious liars?

There is a guy in my area, that claims to be that is the ONLY one to use thermal infrared technology, when I have been using it for the past 6-7 years.

Now he claims to have been a Certified Master Inspector since 1998…was there even such a thing as CMI in 1998?

Did not find him at the CMI list.

And this was just in the first 2 minutes of viewing his website.

What can be done?

Trademark Assignment Abstract of Title

Total Assignments: 1
Serial #:
Filing Dt:
Reg #:
Reg. Dt:
Gromicko, Nick
Assignment: 1
3231/0616**Received: 01/22/2006Recorded: 01/22/2006Pages: **4Conveyance:

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), an Agency of Industry Canada has awarded a Trademark for Certified Master Inspector (C.M.I.).
The approval process took two-and-a-half years and was facilitated by Certified Master Inspector Roy Cooke of Ontario. The Master Inspector Certification Board thanks Roy Cooke, CMI, for his efforts.
The mark is listed under the CIPO index: *Residential, commercial and environmental inspection services. *The mark is also a Registered U.S. Federal Certification mark.
Throughout the world, Certified Master Inspector FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif is[/FONT] the inspection industry’s top professional designation.

Send this to Nickif you want some action.

Why not InterNACHI?]( NACHI or InterNACHI is a very common “certification” that does not make the list for several reasons. Although it is a good marketing organization, in my opinion it is nothing more than a diploma mill for the following reasons:

  • I’ve taken the NACHI / InterNACHI entrance exam, and found it to be very easy and very short. The exam is taken totally unsupervised at home, as many times as you like until you pass. Cheating is very easy, if you don’t know the answer, just Google the question.
  • There are no experience requirements. NACHI will designate a “certified home inspector” even if he has never completed a single home inspection or educational course.
  • No quality of work verification.
  • I know some InterNACHI members that swear they never turn in continuing education hours and continue to have their membership renewed.
  • NACHI will provide you with a “Certified Master Inspector” designation with no proof of experience, education, or knowledge.

The bottom line is you deserve the best. Make sure the home inspector you hire has several years of experience and is ASHI and/or FABI, or NAHI Certified.

Hensel your a Crybaby!

I have to admit … NACHI is definitely weak in Florida. With all of the brand new conspectors “specializing” in crawling around for $75 and advertising themselves as “certified” NACHI members … perhaps the criticism is justified. Does anyone think that all of these guys should be inspecting homes? I mean, really?

Photographing nail heads in attic spaces is one thing. Inspecting a home is another.

This guy has a point.

I have seen many of these “conspectors” do work and I do find them very helpful, kind, and willing to bend over backwards to help another person. I think judging someone without knowing them is not proper nor correct.

I personally contact two of them on a weekly basis and they not only kind and professional peers, I am very proud to call them friends. I don’t think being a contractor makes you an inspector, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

No, I have never been nor am I now a contractor. I see nothing wrong with people entering our profession as long as they portray the profession in a good light. I mean doesn’t everyone start at one place or another?

I know a “Conspector” who offers FREE ride alongs ANYTIME a person wants to see what an inspector does. I see a “Conspector” volunteer their MANY hours of time to increase the professionalism of the Home Inspection Industry and Internachi. I see a “Conspector” that is willing to teach and even take days off to help voice the inspection industry to the proper chanels. I know a “Conspector” who went and met with his Senator what licensing was starting. I know a “Conspector” that helped write a book that covered Wind Mitigation.

In being serious and I might be a little bit out of touch with what everyone else does. But who has done more in Florida? I know of no one who has done more in the recent past and has asked for NOTHING in return.

So for those of your who rag on “conspectors” I think its wrong and people should not be bunched into a catagory and welcome anyone who portrays what we do as a true “profession” wether it be a contractor, a teacher, a hearing aide salesman…can you believe that someone was once a Hearing Aid Salesman is now a Home Inspector ragging on “Conspectors”…kinda funny.

There were people in FL fighting for the Home Inspector industry years before you ever did your first inspection but you will never hear of them and would not recognize any of their names if someone told you because they don’t come here every day and toot their horn about who they are, what they have done, how much horsepower their truck has. They go about their jobs, running and growing their businesses also while also sharing their knowledge and experience with newer inspectors. They don’t look for accolades or awards and in fact shun any recognition from any quarter. In fact, NONE of them come here anymore and haven’t for years in spite of the fact they are InterNachi members.

Who is tooting their horn? I was not talking about me! I was talking about another member. Well if they are behind the scenes and none of us know their names, then your right, I do not recognize them. I am not saying they are not helpful or not deserving of recognition and the person I am talking about, did not ask me to mention his name nor even knew I was posting this, so I have no idea what your talking about. I can only speak from my experiences, no offense meant at all. I just know what I know…

Everyone knows that if you know less… you know more. When you do less you do more.


So try harder by doing less… you’ll be better.

It’s argued and proven correct that you can’t be a better inspector by having had a background in the trades or in construction etc…

That all made a lot of sense… right?

If I know less I know more? You do less you do more?

Who proved what and when? Where can I find this info?

Nope it made no sense to me.

It makes as much sense as some of the arguments presented…

In a cryptic sort of way… I was agreeing with you :slight_smile:


Well, it’s my website that started this thread so…

First, let me say that I’ve somewhat moderated my stance on NACHI lately. I fully recognize that NACHI does have some very good qualities, like education for example. They also have some great marketing assistance. I’ve actually seriously considered joining recently, although I doubt that Nick would permit it.

However, it is still my firm belief that NACHI will NEVER be taken seriously as long as they do not have a “real” and proctored entrance exam.

Second, the arrogant marketing claims like “worlds best inspectors” are largely to blame for the tension between NACHI and all other organizations. The same tension does not exist between FABI, ASHI and NAHI for example. However, serious tension exists between NACHI and ALL of the same organizations.

In the words of Craig Ferguson; if you have one divorce, you can blame it on her. But after 3 divorces, you have to realize it’s your fault.

Why is this? Why is NACHI constantly at odds with all other organizations, while no such problems exist between any of the other organizations? That’s a question that you guys honestly need to address.

I would strongly prefer that NACHI make some minor changes that would raise its stature among other HI organizations and end the bickering.

As to the Certified Master Inspector Certification. When I was president of INASHI, we started a Master Inspector Certificaiton back in 1998, well before the NACHI program. You had to have a certain number of inspections (I believe it was 1000), and pass a peer-reviewed inspection with 100% of all significant defects found. You then had to present your inspection to a board of senior inspectors, be interviewed and answer questions. It was a major undertaking, where a group of senior inspectors would inspect a home, then you had to inspect it and find all of the significant defects, and a majority of minor defects.

As you can see, this is a far cry from the NACHI Master Inspection Certification.

Last, recently the NACHI attorney requested some changes to my website, which I made. After making the changes, he approved my site. If anyone sees any errors on my site, I will correct them, however, there still is a 1st amendment in this country, and I am entitled to my opinions.

Best wishes to all, and I honestly hope that NACHI can make a few changes and start to get along with the other HI organizations. Maybe I can even become a member at that time.

Anyone seen Nick?

I know for a fact, Bruce did exactly what he said he did in 1998.

You are most welcome to join.

We won’t be making any changes for you though. We’re pretty happy with InterNACHI and apparently your state is too: Your State of Florida approved our proctored exam to grandfather all our members for home inspector licenses AND approved our proctored mold exam to grandfather our members for mold assessors licenses AND approved our free, online courses for grandfathering of both AND approved our free, online inspection courses for pre-licensing AND approved our free, online inspection courses for continuing education AND your state-funded insurance company approved our members to do their inspections, AND your Construction Industry Licensing Board approved our free, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course. Like I said, we’re pretty happy.

Now, as for “getting along” with the mini, no-benefits associations in our industry. I’m simply not interested. They are free to squeal as they are slowly crushed into irrelevance and eventual extinction under the weight of InterNACHI’s inspector marketing programs, inspection success tools, approved education, and numerous member benefits.

The loser associations are going to have to hire a hit man to kill me. At this stage, that is their only hope for survival. Because as long as I breathe air, I’m going to continue to work day and night to provide InterNACHI members with more and more competitive advantages over non-members. InterNACHI members may have widely varying opinions of me (about 1/2 are favorable and 1/2 not so), but I think of myself as each and every member’s inspection business partner… and I don’t let my partners down.

Now back the matter of you joining or not. It’s a simple (*no-brainer *actually) business decision for you to make and doesn’t require you to change your religion or political party: Do you want me and InterNACHI’s entire staff to be working for you and your family… or against you and your family?

Bruce - I am not concerned with 1998. I was sent your site by another inspector that was laughing that you were the ONLY company in Fort Myers, Naples using Thermal Infrared Technology. Do you believe this to be a fact? Really?

Lets just start there…

  1. Only Company to use thermal infrared in the Naples, Fort Myers area.
  2. Under I could not find your name as a business owner. Maybe its just hidden or something. I see where several of your companies with you as an office are now inactive.
  3. According to the DBPR your not a mold assessor. (application in progress).
  4. It says on your site your the only company that is licensed and certified to do Termite, Mold and Radon inspections. Is that a fact?
  5. Certified Master Inspector is a trademarked name. If it is legal or not it beyond me. But very misleading.
  6. You have you were or are (depending where you look) a licensed General Contractor. Did not find anything in the DBPR stating this and says “eligible for exam” One area it says from 1985-2002 and another area it says over 25 years. But then again here it says you were only a contractor from 1985-1990. I mean it just gets confusing.

Thats the stuff I found on the HOME PAGE…

Have you resulted to blantantly lie to get clients to use you? Did you really think you were the only person to use “thermal Infrared” in our area?

If those are the tactics needed to obtain work then keep doing what your doing…

Is it “Bruce,” or is it “Albert?”

Interestingly enough, I was directed to his site by another inspector as well.

He has hijacked my trademarked tag-line to use on his homepage. When I contacted him he claimed to have made it up on his own. He has changed it a bit, but I think it’s similar enough to be considered infringenent.

No matter how much he “dislikes” iNACHI, it appears he hangs out here enough to take whatever he can to help his business.

BTW, great Trademark Jeff.

Thanks Nick. Apparently he likes it too :wink: