Nick said so....

Not everything gets posted because there is just too much going on. In the course of a day we must blow through dozens, sometimes many dozens of projects. Staff is at a constant furious pace. So it is difficult to post every move we make. Furthermore, we figure that it is also difficult for NACHI members to keep up. Hence we use as sort of a current brief of the major things going on at NACHI.

As for us not telling anyone about IQ… we did… you missed it.

Here is our own attorney and CPA Jeff Cohen and wife helping us unload the last issue in preparation for packing and shipping them out to our members: It was posted on the message board too at: where I posted it on November 17th, 2005.

It doesn’t matter.

Courtesy is timeless.

You do not make your case any more effectively by being rude, and as was mentioned on another thread, ALOT of other people read on these threads. Real Estate, Home Owner Clients, Potential clients…

If you have a beef, EMAIL NICK. Don’t air the org’s dirty laundry out in public.

I would guess you are talking about me.

All I can say is pay attention to what is posted by the powers that be.

Wendy, Todd likes to tell everyone that I don’t post everything (insinuating that I’m hiding something or whatever). This thread is a perfect example of where he once again complains I didn’t post anything about the Dec issue of IQ but of course when I show him the Nov 17th, 2005 thread with pics of our own attorney/CPA and his wife helping unload them and a link at the bottom to get to the online downloads… what does he do? He moves on to the next complaint. He is right, you haven’t been here long enough but you are figuring him out quickly. I will wear him down as always and he will crawl back to members-only where I can’t go.

An actual pic of our attorney/CPA and his wife unloading the damn things… talk about proof!

Enough toddasswoopin for one night. G’nite all. It was fun.

I thank Nick every day.That does not mean I am not allowed to question him.

I will give you the benifit of being new to this questionable, but without a doubt the best board there is bar none.

Questioning is one thing. That can be done politely.

Telling Nick not to give you “some BS answer”? That is uncalled for and
puts your professionalism into question. Really.

If I were a potential client in your service area? I would hands down go with someone else if I saw the way you are talking to the Org’s founder.

I happen to like you Todd, despite your many references to me being new here.
I have been a lead moderator on a Canadian/Maritime BB and I know the protocol for running it. You have overstepped the bounds so many times, along with others, that I would have banned you weeks ago.

That Nick or anyone else hasn’t banned you? Is testament to the excellence of their professional nature.

Pull yourself out of your hat and answer my question.

Nick is a sales man, he makes many $ off of you and I, and to top it all off he post stuff that never happens.

I will be the first to say that NACHI is your best bang for the buck.However, Nick post stuff that is BS and if you do not belive me go to what’s new or members benifits and figure it out for you’re self.

Back to the MO LOL I have never argued with you on this board and lost and this will be no different cuz I tell the truth.

If people take the time to read it, then I am vindicated and you are well, Nick Gromicko.

Has anyone even bothered to look Gromicko up on Google?

I would love to be banned by you Wendy.:smiley:

Amongst other things I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you had even the slightest idea of what you are talking about that would be OK, but you do not soooooooo leave myself and Nick be.:twisted:

Well, I do know that the marketing you do on your own website is aimed at destroying your competition and not at bettering the organization or the industry.

That tells me alot about who you are.

That’s enough for me.

Why are you telling me to go run and play?

Afraid you can’t handle it?

How am I destroying my compitition?

I always mention NACHI and explain it to anyone who will listen.

You are mistaken about me Wendy ask anyone on this board.

Truth be told I think I am a better inspector than any other NACHI member listed on this board (in my area) and to be quite honest I am a better inspector than 90% of the folks in my area to include the ASHI folks. I also get paid for it.

I don’t post me CE to often , but I probably have averaged 30+ hrs a year.

Thats funny, but do you really think the smart membership belives it?

Really ? You are listed as the Moderator!!!





Todd, I’m referring to where you imply that if an inspector uses a checklist he/she is an inferior inspector and you warn the reader away from it. There are a few other examples in that general vicinity.

I am not going to debate whether or not you are a good home inspector. I am dismayed by your behavior on this bb because I looked up to you when I first came onto the board.

It always amazes me when these 30 day wonders come on here and try to explain how us old timers have everything so wrong.

Wendy no disrespect but you have not been a member long enough to have an intelligent opinion to share in matters such as these. You remind me a lot of a past member that joined and kept telling us how bad we were. I will tell you the same thing I told him “come and talk to me in a year and we shall see what your thoughts are then.” Fortunately he didn’t make it more than six months. There is a tremendous turn over in this industry. A very high percentage don’t make it through the first couple of years. As for your experience with other boards we could care less. I bet that you didn’t know Nick was banned from another inspector’s message board. I will stop now because I don’t want to get started on how a less than 30 day member with little experience gets to be a Chapter President.