You have to go to IJ and read this thread

Go toInspectors Journaland read the post called “How to turn the tables on a frivolous lawsuit”. I don’t know when I’ve read a post with a higher BS index.

LOL, excellent response Joe.


How did he get by only “paying” 15% capital gains if he only held the property 60 days?

Did I miss something?

Mike, You’re off the jury. Too observant.


If Mike O posted the thread, you know it is BS…

Now, Joe, what did the nuns teach you? If you can’t say something good about somebody, what?

Come on, I know you know.

Here is a direct link for those interested;-)


Or is it this one ?

Interesting story though.

Fact is ,time after time you hear of E&O companies settling very defensible lawsuits.

It’s that one, I am certain! Too funny.


Bob, not any more, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Are you suggesting that my post was not complimentary? :smiley:

Sorry I missed you last time, but was Inspecting.

I hear it was excellent!

Unless there has been a sea change in the meaning of “BS Artist” of which I am unaware, then YEAH!

Your sources are accurate!

Mike has never allowed the truth to interfere with what he believes to be an interesting post.



Very classy.

Thank you.