Nick's inspection riddle #5. Can you solve me?

I have a first name for a last name, and not much can stop me.
And unlike a level, you’re welcome to drop me.

What am I?

Plumb Bob.

You got it.

plumb bob

Plumb Bob!
Square Pants!

plumb bob

Plumb Bob

A plumb Bob.

Plum Bob

Plumb Bob

rotiserary chicken

plumb bob

sump pump float steve

Bob Plumb Spongepants

Plumb Bob

What is a ‘Plumb Bob’


Bob…That sure is plum purrty !!! :slight_smile:

Nice work Jeffrey.
Wish I got here first.

Now to be far Nick.
Drop is a relative term.
You lower the plumb bob, not drop it.
Plumb bobs can be damaged.