No Brick Ties - Wall Buldge

I have a 2 story house that is 17 years old. The wall above the garage has a crack that has gotten bigger over the last month and has caused (recently) the shingles on the roof next to the wall to buckle.
Several things are going on that have been in place before the shingles started to buckle.

  1. There is a bulge on the back side of the house about level with the roof rafters (See picture)
  2. There is other separation on the backside of the house (window, gutter, etc)
  3. Upon inspection it does not appear that this wall has any brick ties.
  4. The attic space above the garage does not have any collar beams
  5. The first rafter after the triple beam is cracked (see photo)
  6. Inside wall between garage and home has dry wall seam buckle and wall is slightly bowed in middle.

Questions: I have gotton various opinions on what is wrong and what to do to fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve been told that you should just rebrick the wall.
Also been told that you should put in a vertical brace in the wall.

Please help

Crack in brick.jpg

Bulge is here.jpg

webSplit Rafter.jpg

webtriple beam rafter.jpg

No Collar Beams.jpg

Stew, it’s hard to tell from the pics.

Was the ridge sagging?..lots of variables.

If you’re an inspector and not sure, describe what you see and refer it out.

If you’re a homeowner, try a qualified inspector or contractor.