No grounds in panel?

Did a condo hi rise inspection in a unit yesterday. Building was built in 1990. Main panel was 175 Amps and cleanly wired, however, there were no ground wires coming into the panel to the grounding buss, just hot and neutral. I pulled out an outlet and had a ground wire on it, and all were 3 prong and reading grounded with the tester. Has anyone come across this at all? The panel ground bus had a ground wire attached and obviously was Ufer, but where did the ground wires disappear to?

What wiring method was used? A metal conduit or cable like AC could be providing the grounding means.

It was romex multi strand copper. My thought was they tied the grounds somewhere else like you suggested. Just had never seen that new of a build with no grounds like that.

As you said it is a codo and wired as a commercial building, utilizing emt. The service panel is grounded and the emt provides the bond between the panel and the metal device boxes providing the bond to ground. The wire on the grounding terminal of the devices then connects to the metal box which bonds the device to the grounding path

Do you have some other photo’s of this panel? From the information that you’ve posted so far something doesn’t seem right.

Thanks Mark, just did some reading on EMT. Not really that familiar with commercial type wiring and most condo towers I’ve all inspected did not utilize this, but you hit the nail on the head. Thanks, learn something new everyday. Much obliged.

Didn’t you just mention that it was wired with NM?


It wasn’t. And it wasn’t " romex multi strand copper " either.