Panel ground issue

Inspection of the main panel. I did not find a main panel ground at the bus, but there is a small ground connected to the box at the bottom. I am assuming it is a ground, but the wrong size for starters. No ground seen at the water supply or rod the exterior. All the branch grounds are connected to the box as well. I am sure that this is not acceptable. There were 3 receptacles that had open grounds, maybe this explains them. Is there any exception that would allow this configuration? To top it off the seller is an electrician, and I am sure he did the work since this is an upgrade from a previous panel. House was built in 1956.



The system’s grounding electrode has no effect on whether or not a receptacle will show up as “grounded.”

Based on the photo’s, I would not be surprised to find that there is no system-ground. It’s obviously an “unprofessional” installation, to say the least.

… and sheet metal screws are not an “approved” method for circuit grounding.

This is a completely unprofessional installation. Grounding incorrect, as Mr. Pope said. Incorrect wire coating as well. Blue wires are only used in a 3 phase application. I would recommend a professional electrician evaluate entire system.

This is a conduit system so you could see a variety of ungrounded conductor colors. Blue do not mean this is 3 phase nor is it limited to 3 phase.

Thanks guys for the info. Jeff as always, you are very knowledgeable. I am always looking to increase my knowledge on electrical issues. Is there any materials you or anyone else suggest?

A few observations:

-EGC’s are permitted to be connected directly to the metallic enclosure providing they’re connected properly.

-Ungrounded conductors are permitted to be blue, orange or yellow as shown in the photo.

-If the service raceway is nonmetallic then no separate EGC is required with the service entrance conductors.

Is this the service? He seems to have it set up like a subpanel. There could be many more problems depending on what we’re actually seeing.

It is the service.

Is it a condo?

Not a condo

Yeah I re read your post and the last sentence says house. I just see a lot of people ask similar questions about condos.

After looking more closely at photo #2 I’m surprised that this was done by a real electrician. :roll:

Since this is a service then the service raceway only requires 3 conductors. The neutral should be re-identified with some type of white marking. There is no anti-short bushing on the AC cable and someone thought that instead of cutting off the bonding strip it would be a good idea to wrap it around a bare EGC.

The neutral is identified with blue painters tape near the top of the bend. Does that count???

Wow, what a cluster-you-know-what…
I’ve never seen grounding conductors terminated at the panel with crimp-on terminals… Worst part, whoever did it probably thought he was doing it right, was proud of his accomplishment, and will likely do this again.