No More Roof Inspections?

That’s insane.

Link to proposed law here:

So how does this benefit the public?

Does one of his family members own a roofing company or something?

That is ludicrous. Any idiot could see right through that. The problem is that CA idiots aren’t just any idiots-they are special idiots.

So you noticed that eh?

So it is proposed that we don’t inspect the roof on a home that we are inspecting? Fine with me. There’s a special kind of stupid in the California Legislature.

Of course my friend who’s a roofer thinks this is a good idea.

But what’s next? We don’t inspect the electrical? We stop inspecting the plumbing? Where would it end?

People already call the Dr. around here for a “free” roof inspection and estimate. Guess that trend will grow.

Believe the info or not. This is the name linked.

Why would state legislators try to push our industry to obsolesence?

Can InterNACHI lead the fight to lobby against this? There are tons of InterNACHI members that complete inspections in CA, hopefully with InterNACHIs leadership we can work together to defeat this.

That’s the correct attitude here, at least make some calls to the people voting on this piece garbage. Don’t let them get a foot hold.

Smart move, you get $400 for a home inspection and add $200 more to include the roof.
Capitalism at is best.

I may have to finish up and get my Haag certification.

Plus it appears they sell a warranty service and use proprietary service providers. Unfortunately, this may be the future of home inspections in California.

You Californians will have to tag team your inspections. Two inspectors each inspect a house, then they swap houses and inspect each other’s roof. You can still inspect roofs. You just can’t inspect the roof of the house that you inspected.

Not only is this legislator a crook - he’s stupid too. Did he train under Pelosi?

lol I grew up in Cali

C-39 license = USP?

If this madness passes that would be my plan.

Realtors and lenders want consistency. To them, that means a predictable process and result.
Great inspectors need not apply.
crummy inspectors need not apply.

Make your inspectors employee like and tell them how to report and you have gold.

Home Depot, the big inspector firms offer beige and they have no shortage of buyers.

If you read the text of the proposal, it says nothing about a licensed roofer doing to the roof inspection, or any qualifications needed for a roof inspection.

It only says a the home inspector can not inspect the roof if they inspect the home.

It wouldn’t matter how qualified you are or are not, you can do one or the other, but not both home and roof.

The only mention of a roofing company is they would be except from the “no repairs for 12 months” rule so that if a roofer were to do the inspection, they could also do the work.
A roofing report would no longer be unbiased.