No more stealing NACHI articles

I have to admit I have just copied and pasted some of the NACHI articles on to my website. I decided its time to write my own. Let me know what you guys think

Do not like title text or layout.
Would rename something like How to maintain rather than inspect and flush.
See you are stuck with that to the left side template.

I will change the title that is much better. You mean the font? or all the text? Yeah i cant do much with it but its not that bad is it? I thought the layout was pretty good

Not the font but the actual title.

Water Heaters
It is easy to flush and maintain them
Let me show you how!

I liked your first suggestion.


Why do you do FREE re-inspections? You better check with your E & O provider. Very dangerous territory

What part is to check with his E&O provider? The Re-Inspections or the Free part of the it?