No Neutral Service Wire in Secondary Panel

This is a secondary distribution panel 100 amp Square D, two hot wires coming off the 2 pole 100 amp breaker in the main service panel. I found that the secondary panel only has three wires coming in and it appears to be two hot and one ground. My question is why is there no neutral wire coming in or is the service wire not labeled correctly with white tape. The grounds and neutral are not separated on the bus bars as you can see in the pictures, so that’s what I’m calling out is the equipment grounds should be separated in a AKA sub-panel and that electrician is needed to evaluate.DSCN0528 DSCN0529 DSCN0535

Is this in the same building as the service panel?

Yes kind of, main panel is on the covered front porch and secondary panel inside hallway (1910 house has been rewired)

Since this is in the same structure as the service the panel should have been a 4 wire feeder. Prior to the 2008 there was an exception that allowed 3 wire feeders to outbuilding under certain conditions.

I dont know when the AKA sub-panel was installed

Even in a detached building the 3 wire feeder would need to have a neutral that’s insulated. Look closely at other violations.

BTW, it does not matter when it was installed, there was no exception for subpanels within the same building.

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4 wire feed missing along with other defects.

#4 is not a 100 amp conductor so the CB in the main panel is too large.

I believe this panel at one time was the main service panel (house was built in 1910)