No p-trap on Primary

Is it ever okay?

2972 Sweetleaf Lane 090.jpg

2972 Sweetleaf Lane 090.jpg

2972 Sweetleaf Lane 086.jpg

Still wondering… :roll:

I’ve seen a lot w/o caps but at least the p-trap was there… 1 year old townhome…

Not ever allowed as per all the instructions I have seen.

Also, that secondary port has the pipe upside down.

Secondary EC drain…As they’re “hand tighten” only… I fixed that before I left (and explained it to her in the verbal)

For the Primary, I looked at all the instructions I could find for Goodman and they all show p-trap as well… Guess I’ll let a “Licensed HVAC Technician” look at it…

I just always see a p-trap anymore, I was shocked this one was completed w/o one…:shock:

I agree should have a trap and with the secondary drain pointing up be very hard to drain??? if it had to.

I’ agree, p-trap is needed, as installed.
Problem is, I’ve always hated to depend on auxillary drain pans with drainlines not to leak. They always seem to, at some point.
Almost without exception, I recommend that the Client have a electric panswitch installed on the pan (even in lieu of a drainline) if the system is located in a leak/damage sensitive area.
I’m sure panswitch’s fail, but I personally feel better trusting a panswitch over a drainline, everything being equal, and properly installed.