No step or counter flashing used

These builders are tucking the shingles underneath the brick and filling with mortar instead of using step flashing and counter flashing, I do not like this, I’m seeing daylight showing through into attic where this is being done. Has anyone else seen this and is this an acceptable application for a NEW house
DSCN8442 DSCN8443 DSCN8516

OSB, missing proper flashing, missing drain for the brick (adhered veneer?), what can go wrong after few years :smiley:

Not clear if the daylight is at the ridge or sidewall.

I wonder what they were planning to use for flashing when this roof is eventually torn off and replaced?

Just wrong…

Acceptability is not the inspector’s prerogative to determine. It’s improper and doesn’t conform to building standards or roofing manufacturer installation standards.

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I believe we all know that this is all wrong for obvious reasons and should be noted accordingly. The proper way of execution would look similar to this;
brick-block-px_figure-1 7-brick-support-roof-steel-angle


Thanks for the diagram

I think I saw flashing underneath the brick from inside the attic, but still not proper

You’re welcome.

You shouldn’t be able to see any flashing from inside the attic (also, you’re asking about a sidewall and your 3rd photo showing daylight is of a ridge condition). Underlayment should extend up the sidewalls about 6". Housewrap should extend down over the top of the underlayment at the sidewalls. Sidewall flashing and counterflashing should be installed as shown in Marcel’s image and typically would be step flashing unless you’re in Florida or a designated high-wind area.