Sidewall & headwall flashing improperly installed?

Am I correct in calling both of these out as a defect for lack improper installation of flashing? There is step flashing on the sidewall, but it is outside the wood shingle so water can get behind it. I can’t tell if there was pre-existing flashing underneath the siding, and this step flashing was put in place just to keep runoff that’s already on the roofing surface from going into the seam.

The headwall flashing in the 2nd pic, however, seems like it’s not going to work since it is outside the siding and it doesn’t appear there is any sealant at the top of it. Thoughts?

In the last picture, you can see they caulked between the wood shingle siding joints, suggesting they had water damage inside below that are (confirmed by old water stains on ceiling inside). Right below I see that step flashing again outside the siding.

Then of course, it appears none of them have counter flashing, but that is secondary since it wouldn’t matter anyway since you would still have the same problem of water getting behind since flashing is outside siding.

Please let me know if I’m mistaken about any of this before I send out my report later. Thanks.

You are correct to call it out and refer to a qualified roofer.

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^^^^^^^^^^ Yeppers, Joseph has it right. ^^^^^^^^^^:smile: :+1: :upside_down_face:

Good call Michael. Definitely improper flashing.

They obviously took the time and effort to paint the flashing and shingles, it would’ve been minimal effort to remove the bottom course of shingles to properly flash. Shingles are weathered and many would’ve not been salvaged but that’s to be expected when dealing with natural materials.

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Anyone have any idea how much it would cost to repair about 75 ft of this headwall & sidewall flashing? I know it’s not part of an inspector’s job, but I was asked if I had an estimate of what it would cost to repair so they can get a credit rather than get it fixed before moving in (not slow down the deal). I told them a roofer would know best, but I’d still like to give an “off-the-record” guess to the buyer’s agent because he uses me a lot and I have a good relationship with him.

Since I don’t see any length measurements, I would GUESS, for a professional roofer, about $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 with NO painting.

Larry I agree with you on the rough price. I would also recommend a siding company as well because it appears three courses of siding would have to be removed because of severe weathering and would be unsalvageable. It also appears to have flashing that goes under the siding, under the improperly installed flashing.

Please. Refer to the abut wall flashing as;A: ‘Step’ and B: Counter flashing." and C: Apron flashing.

Headwall would be on a chimney or protruding component facing upstream.

Robert, the flashing on a chimney is called “Head Flashing” and the flashing on a wall is called “Headwall Flashing”
Learn the difference here;
CarsonDunlop0065 headwall%20flashing%201

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Sounds good, Travis, and welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Afternoon Marcel.
Much appreciated.

I think I have gone down this road before with members. Might be a Canadian or masons thing but I refer to counter flashing as the metal that covers the step flashing. Illustration below.
Link from Waukesha website. Tips for counter flashing a stone masonry.
Underlayment under shingles atop the step flashing.

Again. Much thanks. Greatly appreciated, Marcel.
You’re The Best!.

Michael, read the Mastering Roof Inspections series. You’ll never have to ask questions like this again.