No TPR Valve?

Do you recommend immediate replacement of the water heater if it has no TPR valve?

It most likely has a place to add one.

Old as the hills though.


I refer them to a licensed plumbing professional. Sometimes a plumber can install a TPR on the hot water line.

Also, if the water heater is older than 12 years - like it probably is if there’s no TPR valve, I recommend budgeting for replacement of the water heater in the near or immediate future as it’s past the end of its expected lifetime.

Okay, thanks guys!

Notify the owner and their agent that they have a life safety hazard that should be corrected immediately.

Yes, it would be in my report to have it repaired/replaced immediately due to the possible life threating scenarios that could happen.

I would also notify the current occupants, they may not be aware of the possible safety issues related to this situation.

You may piss off a realtor or two doing this, but that is a small price to pay for doing the right thing.

Show them the video available somewhere of the water heater with the TPR valve blocked - blasting 50 feet into the air…

Mythbusters water heater episode, you can watch it on you tube. Amazing explosions!