Water Heater Exposion on my way to this afternoons inspection

Here are some pictures I took of the damage done to the house the water heater exploded in (Cheryl posted earlier).

I saw on my way to this afternoons inspection and snapped some pictures…incredible—:shock:—:shock:—:shock:—:shock:








Holy crap! those are awesome pictures!

Unreal…I was hoping a TV station was there so I could do an interview swearing on a stack of bibles I never inspected the house—:lol:

Some guy standing there asked me if I inspected the house after reading the sign on my truck----I told him I wish there was a way to predict whether or not a TPRV would open when necessary.

I handed out cards to all the on lookers, I bet if I was a licensed Plumber I could of sold new TPRV’s to everyone on the block—:lol:

Probably a good idea to recommend they be changed at a certain age…like every year----:shock:

Great marketing opportunity.

Too bad some idiot had to wreck his house for it.

Mr Duffy with your premission i would like to use these photos, Thank you for your quaility pictures

Mucho ditto!?!

I don’t care who uses them, I’m going to put one on my website so show what a water heater can do.

I wonder if this had a TPRV that did not open, didn’t have one at all, or what the reason really is why it blew like this.

Thats Crazy! I cant believe the amount of damage the explosion caused.

The news reports I saw referred to this as a gas explosion and others are attributing it to a failed TPRV. Dale, what’s your opinion? Ooops, you just answered that in post #9.

Water Heaters over 5 years old I recommend they replace the TPRV, anyone know what the TPRV manufacturers recommend, when they think the valve should be replaced, before I dig through a Watts website?

The water in Phoenix is very hard water, a gate valve is only good here for about a year before the mineral deposits ruin it.

Oh I really don’t know Mike…some guy was standing on the sidewalk and told me it was the TPRV…I did not see any indications of a fire what so ever, so I just thought the guy knew what happened.

Thanks for sharing.
Please post more info later as it comes in.

When I googled TPR valve failure the 3rd item was this:

I guess it was a gas water heater?

The electric ones have an overtemp cutout also.
For an electric one to catastrophically blow would you not need two failures?

  1. Bad overtemp sensor cutout
  2. Stuck, blocked or missing TPR feature.

I have a question…Why would someone screw a nut into the TPR valve?

I wish this system would let me attach a photo. I guess the file size is too big.

Good information Bruce.



This is on the little yellow tag on the TPRV, I know we have all read it.:smiley:


For some reason I have “replace every 3 years” stuck in my head but I know there are valves out there that offer 5 year warranty.

I have a Benjamin that says some ambulance chaser or the renter himself will go find an attorney and will be filing a lawsuit before the end of the year, more likely end of this month. Any takers? Probably file against the owner who was renting the place…

Can you say, McDonald’s/old lady/hot coffee?

Testimony transcript:
No, I’m not qualified to work on water heaters but I suffered pain, public humiliation and material losses and someone needs to compensate me. :roll: :roll: :roll:

To stop the annoying potentially damaging drip, drip, drip…not realizing they have essentially now converted the WH into a bomb/missle…everyone on the planet hasn’t seen the Myth Busters episode and

(Must speak these lines in your best caveman impersonation)
1st rule of plumbing see leak BAD
2nd rule stop leak GOOD