Missing or Wet insulation?

Take a wild guess (all you can really do without knowing all the facts) and I will post the visual images later.

I had a post a few months back about this issue. I will let your post run.

And jump later.



Other-Cold air infiltration.

Someone just turned on the HVAC system prior to inspection. : )

Too straight for moisture I think, I would be leaning towards something like a solid material.

Different materials on top and bottom half of the wall.

Is it wallpaper???

No wallpaper

Same material-Drywall

Think of the different phases that water can take.

HVAC system was not on during the inspection.

Not cold air but you are on the right track.

Hi Ron,

I think I remember that post. This is an inspection I did with a fellow NACHI inspector. We charged $3,500.00 for this inspection but would have done it for FREE for no other reason then having the opportunity to learn and for the images that we attained. Most of the images will be on my website soon.

Humidity or sweat in the wall.


I will post the visual images when 500+ VIEWS have been reached.

Ahhh… Come on Mario. We’re only at about 112 now.

Just thought I would give everyone a chance to vote Mark!!

You missed a fourth option on the poll… “I don’t have any freakin’ clue.”

I am going with a sprinkler system outdoors. The line is a little too straight for that, so maybe some external brick (fake or real) accents on the exterior portion of this wall that is holding the moisture from the sprinklers. I am going with the “something externally to the structure” due to the fact you can see the studs in both the hot and cooler part of the IR image.

That tis my wild guess.

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