No weep screed in brand new home?

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I purchased a new construction home in June. To make a long story short, after having a major ant problem, I found a hole where the foundation and exterior meet . The ants were coming through this hole into the home. Next to the hole was a long gap. I walked around the entire house looking for more holes and noticed that there were big gaps sporadically. I can see lizards coming and going from these gaps.

I was told recently by our project manager the gaps should not be there (originally he said maybe they are there for ventilation?), and they were going to put concrete and then re-stucco it.

This got me thinking about ventilation, and after doing research, weep screeds. I do not see any holes or “weep screeds.” I know my home has synthetic stucco, which in which moisture can be a problem if trapped.

My question is should i be able to see weep holes? I took a picture of the gap and area in question, but the website isn’t allowing me to attach.

Upload your picture to a site like photobucket, and then post it.

Thanks for the reply Frank- tried uploading the picture but no luck.

I was able to find out that there is a weep screed on the home, but it is covered in the synthetic stucco- which is why i couldn’t see it.

-is there any way for the builder to remove the stucco from the weep screed- or any way for me to remedy this situation?


Synthetic stucco is another way to say EIFS. Proper installation can be challenging to achieve. Recommend you have an inspection done by a EIFS specialist and then go to builder with list of repairs. I guess you did not have an inspection done before purchase.

Not all stucco or EIFS homes use weep screeds.

It looks like weep screed to me

Frank- its there but the stucco is covering the holes. Doesn’t the holes need to be visible so any water can drain out?

Thanks again!

It does not look like it to me. Funny thing is that all weep screed holes are always filled. How they work is beyond me but a typical Florida weep screed is a piece of plaster stop with holes drilled every 6 inches or so. They are ALWAYS FILLED as the stucco is filled in completely to the plaster stop. Whether they actually work or not is up in the air according to me. One would think they would have to be open to the back of the stucco where it meets the wall BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A PRODUCT. below is the product I am referring to.

Sorry the image did not come up.

Stucco is porous. Whether the weep-screed is visible or covered with stucco, moisture will wick out as intended. The holes at the bottom of the weep-screed are there to allow any moisture that may have somehow made its way behind the flashing, to “drain” out rather than being trapped in the wall.

Isn’t synthetic stucco non-porous though?

It is EIFS by any other term.
May or maynot have weep screed, vertical drip plain.
No screed there will be a finish/starter detail/trim.

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Hi Jeff. If I may add.
Moisture condensation.
Weep screeds allow bulk water to be dispersed between the channels attached to the substrate.