No weep vents

Has there ever been a masonry unit used for veneer walls that did not require weep vents that anyone is aware of? The house in question is 48 years old.

Is it showing any problems??

No it’s not Brian, but if they are porous units shouldn’t i be concerned with possible mold inside the wall?

Weep holes were not required then.

It is fine.

What gets through may be evaporating through the masonry as it is porous.

Look at all the three layer brick built 100 years ago that has no problem.

I hate to think what the masons would have thought back, then if you mentioned a weep hole.

The last thing you would want to do is start drilling holes in a wall with no moisture barrier.

Steven here is a article at TIJ that actualy has some good disscusion

Good point about the moisture barrier. I will write it up as acceptable because of past performance.
Thanks for the link too…great info.