No window flashing

Comments/recommendations on lack of flashing at window/nailing fin. House built in 2006. Thanks in advance.

You could recommend sealing exterior cracks/gaps to prevent water entry and damage…

Point out the absence of flashing, the likelihood of eventual moisture intrusion/damage and recommend that all affected windows be repaired/replaced, as required, by a qualified and competent contractor. Let the contractor who will be held accountable for his work recommend the remedy. You simply point out the defect.

Around here the contractors call them “self flashed windows” and don’t need nothing (till they see the thermal image from inside).

Larry, around here adding caulk from the exterior often holds the water in, instead of preventing it from coming in!

Oops, missed a spot!

You’re correct, David, and, although I didn’t mention caulk, I could have been more specific regarding avoiding moisture pentration in walls.