Water damage pictures needed!

Does anyone have pictures of a building being repaired that has had water damage?

From flashing related issues.

I need a good one for a new website. With credit to the donor.

This was from Friday, hasn’t been looked at for bid and my client is walking on th deal.

Rotten wood casements on hybrid “drainage EIFS” system absent flashings everywhere and of course no backer rod sealant joints. Appears the drainage system isn’t working well either, except to drive water to the interior. Bet it’s a pants in boots system once it’s opened for repairs.

The interior walls show the affects to drywall and some at the base boards but the details of the damage to the wood floors didn’t show well in these pix

The gap over the arch isn’t absent sealant that’s absent wood from prolonged neglect this is also a less then 5 yr old home. Proof that what many say about sealed trims around penetrations acting as flashing is total BS

How many houses will have to fail before they figure out the flashing needs to exit the water to the exterior of the cladding?

O Wait it all ready says it in the code.

What was above that window Barry?

More leaking casement window sets without the arch details and absent kickouts. The perfect storm!
When will they learn wood windows and stucco don’t work well together either?

Never been on a job with wood windows that the siding/substrate/framing hadn’t suffered moisture damage.

Bottom line is when I see absent flashing or detect moisture around the windows in this market the remediation bills for these repairs generally start at well over $5K per window unit penetration. The doubled with arch will average $10-15K easy, depending on the extent of structural damage and floor elevation.

When I started it was drilled into everyone, awake in the room, foundation, roof, moisture, in that order, for litigation claims. I wouldn’t be surprised to see moisture tie or out do roofs one of these days. It may already and I’m not aware of the stats.

I may have one, just wish I could see what is behind the wall

Picture 011.jpg