Noisy GFCI

I tested a gfci receptacle yesterday. When I pushed the test button it began making a loud clicking and buzzing noise for 10 seconds then quit and wouldn’t reset. I assume it is faulty. Is there any fire hazard now?

The house deal fell through and wondering if the seller should be notified.

When you break something during an Inspection, you should always advise the client.

Don’t ya think?!

Yes. Yes.

Did you use any other tester?
Could be a leak possibly a voltage drop.
But you didn’t break anything.
How many other outlets downstream from this one?

The client is aware but since he backed out on the deal the seller never saw the report.

Yes, I first tested with my circuit tester and all looked good then pressed the button and it failed. No others down stream

Regardless how or why something fails during an inspection and will not return to its original condition you should notify the seller so they are aware of the issue. In this case a safety protective device failed which makes it all the more important to notify the seller.

As for “No others down stream” unless you tested all outlets after the failure, missing none hidden behind anything, it is always possible that a very importantly used outlet might have actually been on the branch circuit. Advising the seller not only helps and protects them but protects you as well.

Thanks all for the feedback

You should notify the SA so they can let their client know that the GFCI devise failed during testing, would not re-set, and that at a minimum the outlet with the devise was left inop.