New Construction- Missing GFCI

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever inspected a new construction that was missing GFCI protection in the kitchen and all bathrooms? The garage and exterior had GFCI protection but nowhere in the interior and not at the breakers.

I was surprised to see that such a large builder around here miss something like that.

Happens frequently, construction is in a terrible place right now. The first warning sign is when you open the panel door and read stuff like “Kickchin” “refri” etc.

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That’s a shame, it was a first for me but then again it’s only like the fifth or six new construction I’ve done.

No. GFCI’s are one thing they don’t miss in my area.

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Generally the electrical inspector will catch this when the house is called in for final inspection, although I did have a house I went to the other day that the lady was complaining she had no power at her outside outlets, the house passed final inspection with no power to her entire garage and no power to the exterior outlets or washing machine… so yes sometimes things slip by inspectors, these kind of issues are very common, especially with as busy as most contractors are these days.

Most of the electrical inspectors in my area will fail your final if the panel is illegible, I have had apprentices abbreviate and I asked them how the homeowner would ever figure out what they are talking about.

I’m seeing a lot of new construction with gfci resets in the pantry of the kitchen.

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Just shows different parts of the country different things we find. I have never seen that in old homes, flips, or new construction.

As long as the kitchen has 2 small appliances branch circuits that are GFCI protected it doesn’t matter where the device goes as long as its “readily accesible,” our company puts them wherever the journeyman roughing the house in deems the easiest, generally its one to the left of the range in the splash and one to the right of the range, but I did install one in the pantry a few weeks back.

Yeah, took me a few minutes to find em at first. Lol, I was getting a little ticked

Yes, just write it up and move along. People do the strangest things.

I knew a builder whose electrician took out all the GFCIs after the final and used 'em on the next house…over and over…until he got caught…dipshit.

That’s pretty funny! LOL

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How on earth did that save any money? His labor must have been free.

As you can tell, he wasn’t very smart.

50 amp “HOT TUBE” breaker

:laughing: he probably save about $10 on materials and spent $50 on labor. :man_facepalming:

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I see that around here also, especially with the higher end homes. And these are not GFCI outlets/receptacles but will be a bank of two or three of what are known as “blank faced” outlets. And what adds to the mix on these higher end homes is, they will be in a very ‘Hidden Pantry’.

Side Note; I advocate for GFCI circuits to all have “Audible Alarms” (just so we can find the darned things). I remember the first (and only one so far) of those we found so far, thought it was some kind of electronic defect…Very good feature actually especially if you have a Refrigerator or Freezer on the circuit.


And no GFCI/AFCI breakers in the distribution panel?

Just write the flipping thing up as no GFCI protection. That’s all!


What fun is that!? you just want to soak 'em! Yeap!