Non-Permitted Roof

I ran across this this morning and am wondering how you guys would handle it. Homeowner had a new metal roof installed, but it was not permitted. All he could show me was the invoice. A permit search revealed no results. They want a Wind Mit done, would you write “unpermitted” in the space asking for permit date?

Mark the year it was installed and then mark the check box that says 'No information provided for compliance". And then mark C or D below. They screwed themselves by not getting it permitted. Now it will cost them an additional $2500.00+ to get the proper documentation.

Before I hang a client out to dry like that I call the Permit office and have them do a search. If that yields nothing then you know. Sometimes permits don’t always make it online for whatever reason. Might call the roofer too and ask why no permit.

Not trying to hang anybody out to dry, the homeowner told me it was not permitted. My permit search revealed… zippo! I tried to call the contractor but no answer.

No permit no discount No proof provided. You wasted your time doing his permit research for him even though he said it was not permitted. No need to write or show anything that is not asked for on the form.

Oh ok gotcha. If they admit it then I guess it’s case closed. Would take picture of the invoice to include with it. You know throw it against the wall see if it sticks

It will not :slight_smile: I promise. Because you would also have to say it meets code and you CANNOT know that answer and saying so would be giving false info just to see if it sticks. Not worth the risk to reputation if you ask me.

Mike, customer service is never a waste of time

I don’t mind doing the research, which is why I am asking for some help. I think I am going to say “unknown” for the permit application date, and the same for the product approval #. Then as Mr. Siegel suggested above, check the box “No information provided for compliance” and check box “D” below. Sound right to you guys?

If he told you it was not permitted it was. That is the definition of wasted time.

What if he said it was permitted?

Then it would be a nice thing if you did his research for him. I charge when I do their work for them “most” of the time. Depends on the persons attitude and other things.

I knew you were a nicer guy than that:mrgreen:

I can agree with that

It is all about how the people treat me :slight_smile:

And vice versa

I ALWAYS start off nice and friendly. I get what I can when I can on inspections. I “try” not to “give” away what I can charge for.

Thank you for your opinions guys!!!

No sweat. Have a SUPER weekend :slight_smile:

Only one box or line is to be filled in. In your case mark the year installed due to PD invoice and mark “D” (if not a PD invoice or is just a proposal, mark the “no info” box). If you are able to tie a valid product approval to the actual installation, you can use that and mark “A”, but provide the proof and the approval docs.