wind mit roof question

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A. [/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]At a minimum meets the 2001 Florida Building Code or the 1994 South Florida Building Code and has a Miami-Dade
NOA or FBC 2001 Product Approval listing demonstrating compliance with ASTM D 3161 (enhanced for 110MPH) OR
ASTM D 7158 (F, G or H), OR FBC TAS 100-95 and TAS 107-95[/size][/FONT]**[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2], **[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]OR FMRC 4470 and/or 4471 (for metal roofs).[/size][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]Can anyone tell me how to determine if a roof meets 1994 South Florida Building code. If I do a mit inspection on a house built in 1996 in Boca Raton say and the roofing contractor was from Broward county and put on the materials from Broward county then the correct answer should be that the roof meets 1994 South Florida Building Code. The insurance companies are saying NO home is not in Miami-Dade or Broward county therefore cannot meet code, I’m stumped by this answer…are we stuck with that??? Anyone who can make me clear on this except because they say so, PLEASE help. Also is there anyway to prove other than ripping off roof material for markings as to there code compliance, Thanks.

I would suggest you contact the homeowner to see if they have the paperwork, more specifically, the scope of work or proposal, combined with the county permits.

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The TAS’s shown reference discontinuous non-ridged roof materials. In other words Shingles. Tiles, built-up, tar & gravel even if done last week do not meet the requirements.

As far as codes; Dade & Broward permit application dates Sept 1, 1994 forward all other counties March 1, 2002 forward.

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thanks but assuming there is no paper work trail how would one prove or disprove compliance with 1994 code? The permit would not show in Palm Beach county if the roofing exceeded their code. Also another thing which could be under question is what if a Palm Beach roofer roofed a Broward home with roofing not meeting Miami-Dade code how would we know? I feel the answer is that the insurance industry will only credit 1994 roofs in Dade and Broward counties based on unconfirmed material and practices. Everything else is pictures and zircon meter tests… Again if there is a way to determine how the roof meets 1994 codes I’d like to know.

JUZ let me restate that as a shingle roof on the Boca Raton House, Know what?

No Credit. Does not meet requirements.

It was put on in 1996 and “met” the 1994 code for the county that it was in. Unfortunately, Palm Beach county wasn’t included in the high velocity wind zone area. Therefore, technally, it would not qualify for the discount.

However, several roofers at the time were installing roofs to the 1994 code for dade and broward in other counties. The State code is a minimum and can be exceeded, especially by the manufacturer.

If the homeowner can get the documents stating that it met the dade/broward code, then the insurance company may accept it.

What about this?

I have an insurance agent who did get the document proof from a Broward roofer whom did a Boca house and the underwriters (St. Johns) will not credit it because it is Palm Beach County. This I have been called about from other insurance agents and I cannot answer them, I was hoping there was something there to explain except just because, I think i’m trying to rationalize the irrational.


They are just wrong.
I wonder why one of these opportunistic attorneys hasn’t filed sit against the insurance companies for “acting as code enforcement officers” by forcing you to comply with codes that were not in effect when the home was built.
Sounds like extortion to me.

the insurance industry lobbyists have not been fought because of their power. My company had questioned citizens attorneys concerning a mit several years ago and their reply was take us to court. Nice guys…

what is this attachment trying to prove?

It was in response to this statement:

I wonder what would happen if someone tried?

Let’s see:
You are required to have homeowners insurance as per your mortgage agreement. If you cannot, “force-placed” insurance will be added to your monthly payment. Which is at least twice as much as if you got your own insurance.

By mandating that you meet the insurance company’s requirement, overriding the existing code, which you are in compliance with, this will cause you undue expense in either bringing your home up to the existing code, which isn’t required by law, or, having to pay the exorbitant fee that will be added by your mortgage company.

Sounds like financial harm to me!

isnt question#2 on the 1802 for roof covering only in reference to shingle or metal roof coverings?

For the second time, I was responding to the statement made that was quoted.

whose on first?

Here is a test version of an executable 1802 form.

just curious - will they accept the intiails typed in or do they have to be hand written?

I would think it would be ok. I would also think that the only thing that needs to be handwritten is your signature. I can make it so it can be signed digitally.

That is why it is a test copy, to get input. Thanks for yours.:slight_smile: