Northern Water Heater Age

Ran into a Northern (by AO Smith) water heater today with Serial #870-H-80-69350. Never seen anything like it in 17 years and thousands of homes. I think its a 1980, but after too much time spent researching I don’t have a definitive answer. Anybody out there know? My go-to, the Building Intelligence Center, didn’t have an answer either.

Do you have a photo of the entire data plate?

That ansi number has no date, possibly 1st edition. Earliest I can find is 1998

Just found a 1992 …ansi is not helping.

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From what I can find, it looks like 1980.


Can’t find much in comparison, no warranty match.

Yes I believe it is a 1980. Regardless, plan for replacement Mr. Buyer.


Replace the day you get the keys, do not plan for it :slight_smile:

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aug,1980 is the year