Age of water heater

I need a second opinion on a water heaters age. I have the serial# decoder but I want to check because the heater looks fairly new…


My guess would be 1993

Looks like August of '86 to me. The labels says “manufactured for Sears” - State, Kenmore, Reliance, etc. all used the letter=month, 2nd and 3rd digits = year format. What brand is it?

I’m with Bill, 86’

Kent I will decode that for you if you will send me a couple of plane tickets and board me for a couple of weeks.

I spent 4-1/2 years stationed at Pearl in the early 1960’s would sure like to come back and see the changes:D

August 1986.


There’s been quite a few changes here…more buildings, people, cars, and the beach is shrinking, but still beautiful.

I thought '86 also but the water heater is in pristine condition, therefore the post.
At the inspection I told my client that according to the serial #, the heater was 21 years old, he doubted that assesment, even I questioned the accuracy of the date of manufacture. I though maybe there was some mistake in the decoder I got a couple of years ago from this board.

Thanks to all who replied.