November 28 meeting in Red Deer

I think we had a productive and educational meeting in Red Deer yesterday. (I may be a little biased). We had some good speakers and the meal was excellent (always important) Thanks to everyone that came out.

There were a few items that were decided such as an increase in our yearly dues. Dues for next year will be $150 but pro-rated to your InterNACHI join date. What that means is if your InterNACHI number is NACHI08081803 it would mean your membership dues are due August 18 of each year. This first year (2012) this person would have to pay $100 (Jan. 1 to Aug, ($150 pro-rated) and then on Sept 1 he would have to pay the $150 which would last him until his next anniversary date of Aug. 2013. So, this year may be a little confusing but once you hit your InterNACHI anniversary date, it will be a straight $150 per year. One big change our executive will have to implement is the mailing out of invoices each year to our members.

The other item that was decided is that our fiscal year end will change from Dec. 31 to the anniversary date of our incorporation as a society. This just makes our reporting to the government more timely.

We have a new president. It is Michel Larocque from Calgary.

Our new vice-president is John Mills. Congratulations Michel and John.

I will be moving to the position as Educational Director as well as past president and Vern Mitchinson has taken on the position officially that he has been doing for a while now as Registrar.

That opened up a director’s position which was taken over by Steve Horvath.

The rest of the board stays the same as it was.
Jamie Keith – Treasurer
Dario Bonin – Secretary
Larry Wagner – Director
Stephen Keep – Director
Fritz Kamprath – Trustee
Randy McKay – Trustee

One last note, I would like to sincerely thank all of the members and especially the board who supported me every step of the way throughout this past year. It was trying at times but the friendships I developed and the knowledge I gained made it well worth it.

Thanks everyone!!

Dan Levia
Past President, Alberta InterNACHI