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Folks, thanks for letting me post this here! I am getting out of the home inspection business. I have the following excellent reference material for sale. These items would be great for a new inspector or a seasoned inspector wishing to broaden their library of material with the most advanced material (ITA). All of these items are from Inspection Training Associates (ITA), which many of you know to be the largest and most advanced home inspector training available today. These are their up to date classroom materials, and you can see on their website how much they really charge (also in auction descriptions). Now is your opportunity to get ITA?s materials without having to pay for the 2 week course, or the high prices you will pay for new. ITA?s materials are the best and they lead the industry in Home Inspector training. All of these materials are in great shape, each auction tells more about each of the items detail. Good luck!

Home Reference Book & Guide (The Home Encyclopedia)

Inspection Techniques (Book & 7 videos)

Home Inspection Manuals (6 Manuals Don?t miss these secrets.)

A Hands On Guide To Success (Book & 3 Videos)

Home Inspection Live On Site (Video)

ITA Student/Inspector Handbook (Huge Book Jammed with Info ~3 in thick)

HUD & FHA Inspection Handbook (For those of you interested in this Profitable Market)

Electrical Inspection Textbook (Great Book VERY well written, learned a lot from it!)

Office/Business Control Manual (Run Your Office More Smoothly)

HVAC Systems (Every Inspector should read this book)