Nuclear 1027 or 1028 Radon Monitor

I am thinking of buying a used Sun Nuclear 1027 or 1028 Radon Monitor. Which one is better? Has any one tried the 1030? If anyone has one they would like to get rid of or are upgrading Please email me at

This really should be posted in the “Classified” section!

The 2018 is a grate model. The 1030 had some MAJOR issues. In fact I helped them with finding out the issue. I sent them all my data because the 1030 I had would spike up to 1909 or higher! it was of issue they say they worked out. The great part of the 1030 is there is 4 sensors and it tells if the temp and if tampered. The 1028 only has tamper. I am shocked that the canisters are still being used when there is SOOOO much room for error. If its open loner then noted is just one. I hope to see all radon testing be done with electronic testers only.

Thanks for the clarification Jeffery.

That room for error is s-o-o-o-o-o-o much greater for a CRM. Besides, CRM’s are to simply keep Realtors happy. My clients just want quality and accurate results for their money. I have proven many times over that canisters piss on crm’s time after time after time!

Jeffery, what is the best radon testing device that you would suggest? Thanks, John

I tested CRM’s against canisters and found both reliable. Given the choice I would use canisters as nobody steals them and they need no electricity.

I am thinking of selling one of my 1027"s for $600.00, still under calibration.

Saw a used 1027 go for $800 on ebay recently.
I have no case but the units are in working order.

An actual ‘real’ canister, (RTCA, EMSL), not that little piece of foam crap (you hang from the ceiling on a string) that many cheap-arse labs like Air-chek and Pro-lab like to use (low cost, high profit, crap)!
As for CRM’s… there isn’t ANYTHING that can be done to a canister that can’t be done to a CRM. And when it does happen… oh well, the test needs to be re-done either way. Like Paul stated, a canister is low cost versus a high dollar CRM when it gets damaged or stolen!

As for the “advantage” of having results when the CRM is done, well, without getting into the whole CRM report thing… I use the RTCA canisters, I plan my drop-off and pick-up times to my advantage (post office open and cutoff times for O/Nite service). I ship USPS Priority Express, RTCA receives it next day and they process same day. I have my results the day following the inspection, often before I send the report out (24 hours turnaround). I have never had a complaint from my clients, EVER! Once or twice a PIA realtor didn’t like it, but, like the old saying goes…* "Fck 'em if they can’t take a joke"! :mrgreen:

Jjonas, I know this is a bit old but I’m sure we would all love to see the data that supports your statement that canisters “piss” all over CRM’s “time after time” as you state.