Sun Nuclear Model 1028 For Sale

Sun Nuclear Model 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor for sale. I am retiring and selling off my equipment. Purchased new in 2015 with hard case and door hanger signs. Perfect working order. Hard to find used.

Annual calibration required September 2018 (About $175). Sun Nuclear always calibrated this unit and never needed any repair. Asking $600

Model 1028 New Cost - $995
Heavy Molded Case (New) - $150

SOLD 9/14/18**

I am interested in your radon monitor. How do you take payment? Paypal, cash app, etc?

Last question. Does it come with all of the cables? I am new to the 1028 and have been wanting one.

Nevermind, I see now that it is sold. Sorry to bother you. Thanks

If you’re looking for a monitor, I have a 1027 for $450 that needs to go in for calibration. $550 if I get the calibration done.
Includes cables and a nice case.

I’m really sorry. I did not see this post till now and bought a 1028xp last week. Thanks for responding anyway.

No worries.