Number of free click-thrus to members' sites generated by InterNACHI tops 2.5 million

And the number of hits to InterNACHI’s website topped 90 million.

One of the most under sold “items” NACHI offers. Helped my web preence and $ from the web site.

I love the Nachi site but seeing as how I’m from Willowick and the inspectors on Inspectorseek and Find An Inspector are listed alphabetically by city name, I really don’t expect to get any calls from potential clients, no one is going to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find someone…it would be comparable to being on the 38th page of Google, no one is going to dig that deep. Still love the site.

Here’s an idea, put the order on a rotating basis
Day 3: CDEF…ZAB etc…

Just a thought.

Nick I have always been and still are a big fan of the inspector search from NACHI. I have even made several posts that thanked you and the crew as I have gotten several good inspections from NACHI searches, But I do think Dave has a valid point. Maybe you can make the lists rotate so everyone gets a fair shot at the top listings in there area?


I agree