We just generated our 300,000th click thru to member's sites in just past 142 days!

See most recent here: Inspection Leads.

COOL…sure wish I had some of them…lol… but its been a good year!

Lots of that traffic went to http://www.professionalroofandhomeinspection.com/

Watch the yellow horizontal bar on the front of www.nachi.org for a few minutes.

That’s great. I actually got my first call from NACHI site recently.

I have never recieved an inspection request from any of InterNACHI’s web sites. Wish I did. Still very slow here in KC. Most of what I am getting are referals from past clients who tell their friends about me.

Gary, I can see many dozens of click thrus from our lead generators to your site. Actually close to 200 this past year alone. You site is even listed in the most recent 100 http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm that came through today.

No consumer knows what sequence of InterNACHI sites lead them to your site, so of course don’t expect a consumer to say “Hey Gary, I remember exactly how I found your website. I was on this site, and it lead me to this site and that lead me to that site which lead me to yours”

Anyway, nearly 200 InterNACHI driven click thrus in one year to your site is about double what most members are getting.

Is there a way to generate a pop up requesting a name, number or email from these click-thurs before they are directed to the site?

Not that they will give the info, but given the option you never know. Real-time lead can be called back within minutes.

www.nachi.org/immediategratification.htm does that and our computer calls you on the telephone when a potential client wants an inspection, so use the call buttons… or you could put something on the top, front of YOUR homepage that compels a visitor to give up their information, and that links to a page on your site with the computer call button, such as:

“Get my free report on what mistakes to avoid when buying a home in city” or something.

Click a button in the left column of http://www.nachi.org/call_button.htm and then click the NEXT button at the bottom to get the html code to install on your site.

That’s awesome!

I am getting no homeinspections here in the Cleveland/Akron Ohio area. Very slow for me. Its truly a bummer.