Number of Inspections

What amount of inspections did you do last year. 2005

You might get a big surprise if you added one more that would be 0 to 100
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the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

I guess Roy I figured all NACHI inspectors were above 100, but good point.

I’m kinda curious to know how many inspections a full time inspector in southwest Florida does.

I would think a fairly high percentage are just starting out and are still on there way to the 100 mark.

Its not the amount of inspections, its the quality and what you charge. You could do a 100 inspections and charge $425 per inspection, on the other hand you could do 200 inspections and be charging $250.

I agree Ray. Volume does not necessarily equate to quality or how profitable (or not) you are.
Tyrone, What conclusion are you trying to extrapolate from this data?

I am trying to establish the percentage of inspections within Canada, that our association is doing, and comparing it with the remainder of inspections that are being completed by other inspectors outside our organization. And then comparing the amount of homes being sold.

The information from NACHI should be easy to obtain but I don’t know about the other associations. Apparently they are being run by a secret society, possibly the Masons. I don’t think will get any info from them.:wink: :grin:

Well if there is 1000 houses sold, and NACHI inspectors do 500 of those inspections, that leaves the competition with 50%, and NACHI inspectors with 50%. If there is 500 NACHI inspectors, and 1000 others, then we are consuming the market. Thats kind of how I am doing this.

That’s assuming that every house sold has an inspection.

Or how many inspectors are actually out there? I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Thus far I think it safe to assume that we know of approximately 1500 across Canada.


I do deduct the average amount of homes sold that do not have an inspection, yes. It will come together.

I guess this message board is not the answer for a strong pole!!

Tyrone how can you argue with the misconception that there are 5,000 inspectors in Canada?

I think it may behoove you to seek answers from Mr. Mullen who seems to know much more about numbers of inspectors in Canada then the rest of us. :wink:

Makes me wonder what else is being embellished and misrepresented by CAHPI. There must be an awful lot of gullible people out there particularly in the government who can be conned out of tax payers dollars based on a falsity of 5,000 inspectors.

I am not arguing with any Misconceptions, I have no idea as to the exact amount of inspectors in Canada.

Try 5,000, it seems to be a popular number! Has been quoted many times, but no proof that there are 5,000.

I think I will likely see Elvis before I see 5,000 inspectors. Thank you, thank you very much. :wink:

Stick with 1500 its likely more in line with the actual numbers.