BCIPI/CAHPI member/inspector takes a beatin' on TV.


Hey Ray… I thought mold wasn’t a problem in Canada?

I don’t ever recall ever saying it wasn’t. But then my memory is not what it use to be either. :frowning:


She should have found a mold inspector on www.IAC2.org and had a mold test done.

She should have hired a NACHI inspector.

Is it not BCIPI that was threatening all the BC inspectors over the use of CHI,

They can have it now!

I guess Ted Gilmore will be on damage control. Boy Ted, those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Famous words to live by. By Ted Gilmour.


Oh no was he the inspector!


We don’t have a mold problem in Ontario, lots of mold in B.C.:mrgreen:

I am mould, therefore I am. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You are a joke.
Now if you have mold than maybe you are the Vancouver HI and imported it to Ontario.:slight_smile:


You really are hanging out south of the border way too much.



My MOLD is green what colour is yours.

I like to think of myself as practical. mold- mould; color- colour
I’m Greek, how it sounds is how you spell it.

Hey Big Guy

Did you mean Greek or Geek? Not sure there might have been a spelling error on your part? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Only kidding big guy! :wink:



This is CANADA use a U

As in CANDU reactors…mmmmm maybe thats why I glow in the dark…

Mario ever glow in the dark…try using a U you’ll see

I glow green, whats your colour…?

You are telling me how to spell?
The Greek alphabet has 24 letters the English alphabet has 26 take a guess how many letters are from the Greek alphabet.

There you go you proved my point. One of the letters you are missing is a U.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Blah blah blah

Dear fellow NACHI members,

Since taking control of user account “gilstrachan” in hope of reducing the verbal diarrhea of Raymond and Roy, I have been hoping that this lunacy would be reduced. That sadly has not been the case.

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Methinks someone needs to get a life!

Not good, but think how bad it would have been if it was a NACHI inspector ! The fun they would have had with NACHI’s joke of a “online certification test”, can you imagine !

I find it hard to believe Nick, that you are defending your requirements compared to those of CAHPI and BCIPI. Yes, both have bad inspectors - but in this case, who the hell pays a home inspector $350.00 for an engineering report? Give me a break, anyone heard of “Visual Inspection”, I can get a roofing report, structural report, HVAC report, etc etc., but it going to cost my client alot more then the $400.00 they are paying me.

The public needs to be educated on what a Home Inspection is and it’s limits.

This is a slap in the face to all home inspectors, regardless of their affiliation.