Number of InterNACHI inspectors in Texas tops 1,300.

Nick, you are The Man. Thank you for everything you do for the industry and TX inspectors.

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Why does the link go to a site that shows 764 inspectors with INachi in Texas and the OP has noted 1300 INachi/Texas inspectors?

I’m trying to figure out how my calculator or spreadsheet can work in that fashion?

Any suggestions? I’m sure I’m missing something.

Because we don’t list student or invisible members on any of our inspector search sites: Around 3/8ths of our members are students at any one time. It’s a larger fraction in Texas because it takes longer to become a home inspector in Texas. We currently have about ~16,000 members in North America, ~6,000 of which are students or invisible members.

I’m invisible

advantages to being Invisible…lol

Actually, I’m also invisible.

Such a deal.

Tnx NG.

Not complaining, just saying. It’s no accident.

Whats going on in Texas with ashi. Saw a copy of their latest monthly magazine and if I looked right it showed about 41 new inspectors joined them last month from Texas.

Can’t imagine whats in it for a new Texas inspector joining ashi OR why so many out of 1 state in one month??? Knowing both groups as I do, IF today I was getting into home inspection from scratch and wanted to join a group … ashi would not be it.

Too many bennies and education in iNACHI … Especially for a beginner.

What is the “status” of those new members? Have they gone through all the steps for “full membership” or are they in that pending category or whatever ASHI calls their initial membership level?

Check cleared the bank status.

If we can keep it respectful I’d like to ask what are the benefits of ASHI? Name recognition is all I can come up with. Then again I have never been an ASHI member or been to one of their meetings.

Not many. Especially when compared to They should probably shut down, they’re beginning to look silly relative to InterNACHI.