Number of InterNACHI members in Florida tops 3,000.

Yeah for the Org as a whole Boooo for those of us who live here :slight_smile:

Resistance is futile :slight_smile:

I’m guessing upwards of 500 in our service area, and well over a thousand within 100 miles.

I think that must equal A Dime A Dozen, Heck a Baker’s Dozen here to to ALL THE SEMI-RETIRED who do it for “FUN” :roll::roll::roll::roll:

Florida, Come here and work for next to nothing and no other professionals involved so you have something to do till you die. Our State should be advertise it as our State Motto or something :slight_smile:

I want to work till I die somewhere Beautiful and with a pleasant climate. I do not care if I live till 150 110 feels like temps the majority of the year sucks. the other day it cooled off to 88 degrees but the humidity was 92%

I will never understand why someone would want to move to a traffic jammed, a-shole ridden, armpit of hell hot area to end their lives??? F-That. I want to chill in my quickly approaching Old Age.

Over 10,000 licensed inspectors. a long way to go for total domination.

I would bet we have the most if not unaffiliated ones who are in no group.

Of the 10k, about 35% of the licenses are inactive so roughly half active inspectors are Nachi members.

We picked up FABI recently, that’s what gave us the recent bump.

So FABI is under InterNachi?

We formed a strategic partnership.